Penguin Capers

Penguin Capers has gone under a makeover! O.O
Current Comic older comics of the series can also be viewed by the back buttons on the page.
Old series can still be found by these links:
#013: Hatchlings – Compromise
#012: Hatchlings – We have Company!
#011: Hatchlings – Showdown
#010: Hatchlings – Friends in the Right places
#009: Hatchlings – Aftermath
#008: Hatchlings – Joey’s Chill Factor
#007: Hatchlings – In the Way
#006: Hatchlings – Just like me
#005: Hatchlings – Runaway Thoughts
#004: Hatchlings – Bad Tempered Meg
#003: Hatchlings – All Fired Up
#002: Hatchlings – Rivals
#001: Hatchlings – Introductions

  1. penguinpalooza
    2007/05/19 at 14:23

    Comment if you would like, but please make it positive. If it’s so horrid of a comic for you be nice about it, or just don’t read and leave nasty remarks.

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